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Kinetic Productions was founded in 1990 by Principle owner, Tony Kremer, who recognized a need for top-notch audio & video production, both for the local Las Vegas market, and for National Broadcast/Corporate producers.

Since Las Vegas had been, and continues to be, a bustling mecca for sports, entertainment and conventions, it made perfect sense to “up the ante” and help raise the bar for excellence in production services.

Tony’s production background started at a very young age, making audio and video recording of his siblings, and becoming an exceptional A/V technician in high school.

From there, he chose to attend Columbia College in his hometown of Chicago, learning music recording at Zenith/DB and Paragon Studios, as well as multi-camera live to tape production techniques, and lighting…. eventually earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Communication in 1986.

After college, Tony chose to uproot and leave for the west coast… eyeing Los Angeles and Hollywood in the far distance. After a short stint at CBS affiliate KLAS in Las Vegas, he was compelled to go freelance, working as an A2 audio assistant, and ENG cameraman for various local and national clients. At the time, he still viewed Vegas as stepping stone to the LA market… but the low cost of living, coupled with the ever growing market in Sin City, compelled him to settle down and call Las Vegas his new home…. a decision he has not regretted at all.

“In Las Vegas I am known and respected as one of the best in the business… not just locally, but nationally. I prefer to be a Big Fish in a small sea of professionals in this market. In LA it would be exactly the opposite."

“As media and entertainment technology continues to change, so has Las Vegas.
I'm proud to be a part of the evolution of this city and the variety of opportunities it offers."

In fact, for many visiting productions from LA to New York (and everywhere in between), Tony has been one of the “go-to guys” for Audio, ENG, and larger multi-camera Remote Truck productions.

He has the distinction of having worked the last 11 NBC Olympics telecasts from Atlanta 1996, to PyeongChang 2018… eventually earning 5 Emmy Awards for Technical Achievement, and hoping to continue his Olympic involvement through Tokyo 2020.

He also earned a NATAS plaque for technical achievement for CBS coverage of “The Masters” golf tournament in 2004.

He has a lifetime membership in ITVA/MCA-I (Media Communications Association International), and regularly attends the yearly NAB Broadcasters convention, in order to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of technology.

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