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Kinetic is a full-service production house offering video & audio production, lighting & grip, specialty gear, crewing, teleprompter services and rentals.

Video Production

ENG (Electronic News Gathering):
"ENG" or Electronic News gathering is the most common production service offered. This single camera basic package is perfect for covering press conferences, interviews, conventions, and low budget commercials.

This package includes choice of camera format, tripod, field monitor, basic light kit as outlined below and audio package as outlined below. This package comes standard with a two man crew (Cameraman, Sound Tech). Variations on the above (one man band news crew), may be negotiated in advance. 

Additional equipment/services available on request (Wide Angle Zoom Lens, Matte Box/Filters, SteadiCam/Jib, Dolly/Grip, Teleprompter, Make-up, PA's, etc.). At least 2 media cards come standard with each camera package, however these cards must be transferred to a client supplied hard drive at the end of each shooting day. Client may transfer cards using their own laptop or the crew can transfer cards with a Kinetic supplied laptop at additional cost.

"EFP" or Electronic Field Production:
Similar to ENG but usually includes a more sophisticated lighting package (i.e.: Grip Truck, Dolly w/tracks, Steadicam, etc.). It may also consist of multiple "iso" cameras along with a Switcher and/or a more sophisticated audio package. This style of production applies to Talk Shows, Music performances, Infomercials, etc. Rates for EFP will vary depending on client needs. Please call for a specific quote.  

"Remote Mobile" Production:
Typically involves a video truck with a fairly large crew of specialized professionals (i.e.: Tape Op, Graphics Operator, Video Engineer, A1/A2, etc.).

A large lighting package may also be included, or handled as a separate entity. This mode of production is typically used for "Live" or "Live to Tape" events such as Music/Variety shows, Sporting events, Talk Shows, etc. As with EFP production, rates will vary on a per case basis depending on the clients actual requirements. A much larger budget is typical. Again please call for consultation and a specific quote.


Audio for Video comes in many flavors. From the most basic ENG set-up to a live sporting event, and on up to a sophisticated multi-track recording on location, or in a studio. Kinetic is equipped to handle most audio requirements where picture is an integral part of the event.

Basic ENG Audio Package: 
Shure FP33 or Sound Devices 302 stereo mixer with camera umbilical  
(2) Lectrosonics UHF wireless with Countryman or Sanken lavaliers 
Sennheiser MKH-60 or 416 shotgun, boom pole, zeppelin and fuzzy  
Sennheiser MD-46 handheld mic, 
Sony 7506 headphones
(2) Comtek wireless headsets for producer/director
Miscellaneous cables, adaptors, batteries, etc.

Deluxe Sync Sound ENG Audio Recording Package: 
Sound Devices 633 or 664 recording mixer with camera umbilical  
(2-6) Lectrosonics UHF wireless with Countryman or Sanken lavaliers 
Sennheiser MKH-60 or MKH416 shotgun, boom pole, zeppelin and fuzzy  
Sennheiser MD-46 handheld mic, 
Sony 7506 headphones Denecke/Ambient Time Code Lockit Boxes & Slates
(2) Comtek wireless headsets for producer/director
Miscellaneous cables, adaptors, batteries, etc. 

The standard packages above come with operator labor, based on a 10 hour day, and are available for use with client supplied camera or Kinetic can provide a camera of your choice. 

Additional Items Available:
Wireless camera hops - 2 channel stereo wireless link from mixer to camera, available at additional cost.
Extra Comtek wireless headsets, up to 10, available at additional costs.

EFP Audio for Video: 
Audio packages for multicamera shoots can be designed to accommodate most of your needs. We have multi-channel mixers from Yamaha and Mackie to handle from 6 to 32 inputs. The audio tracks can go direct to cameras and/or to synchronous Tascam X48 digital multi-track recorders for post production use. 

Please call to discuss your specific requirements. 

A-1 Mixing/A-2 Assistant: 
These engineering services are tailored for live Broadcast events such as sporting events, talk/variety shows, pageants, award shows and corporate presentations. Please inquire for rates which will vary depending on the complexity of your event.

Intercom Specialist: 
This service is available for Broadcast and Corporate A/V producers who require extensive communications between production and technical personnel.  The "Comms Tech" will set-up and troubleshoot all wireless RFPL as well as all hardwired intercoms for the most critical special events. 

Lighting & Grip

Kinetic offers the following basic lighting options: 

Arri Softbank 5 Kit: 1,000w open face with Chimera softbag, 650w fresnel, 300w fresnel, two 150w fresnels (all are focusable), five stands, mafer clamp, party gels, spun, diffusion, C-47 clips, scissor clip, five AC extension cords.

FloLight: Two tube, Four tube and Six tube fluorescent instruments with build in dimmers and mirrored barn doors. Your choice of TUNGSTEN and DAYLIGHT tubes (similar to Kino Flo).

Lowel Light Kit: two 650w Omni, two 700w Tota light (non-focusable), 250w Pro with small Chimera,  four stands, mafer clamp, gels, scissor clip, spun, diffusion, C-47 clips, five AC extension cords. 

Grip Kit: C-stands, assorted 18"x 24" and 24"x 36" flags, nets, silks, dots & fingers, mafer clamps, assorted grip clips, 1k dimmer box, 650w dimmer box, 100w practical dimmers, apples boxes specialty clamps, scissor clips, blackwrap, foamcore, tool kit. 

Sun Gun: Onboard camera mounted lights from Frezzi and Lite Panels LED lights.

Kinetic Productions can also provide more sophisticated lighting/grip equipment (ie. HMI's, LEDs, Par Cans, etc.), and large Grip trucks ranging from 3 Ton to 10 Tons, complete with most anything needed for advanced lighting support. Kinetic can also provide experienced Gaffers, Key and Dolly Grips, Electricians and drivers. Please inquire about our turnkey production packages including Camera, Sound and Lighting equipment. 

Kinetic can be your one stop source for all your production needs.

Teleprompter Services

Teleprompting services are offered either as an individual service or part of an ENG/EFP production package. 

Teleprompter Package Includes: 
Mirror Image 15 inch Flat Screen LCD display monitor 
Toshiba Laptop system with Windows based EZ Prompt software
Prompter sled, hardware attachments, cables and power supply. 

The standard package above comes with operator and is available for use with client supplied camera, or we can provide a camera of your choice.

Editing, Post Production

Once your shoot is complete, you'll need to enter the Post Production editing phase of your project.

Kinetic offers a state-of-the-art Apple Macintosh based, all digital, non-linear editing system, utilizing either Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere software. 

Mastering can be completed to BlueRay or DVD disk formats for distribution, or delivered via USB stick,  hard drive, or uploaded via FTP or DropBox.

Multiple Cores and maximum RAM provide great flexibility and speed allowing many real-time transitions and effects with little or no rendering. Graphics and titling are integrated into the system allowing for a more streamlined session and higher quality product.  

Adobe After Effects is also integrated into the system so you can "Wow" your audience with sophisticated visual effects and imagery.

Speciality Gear

Kinetic can provide more elaborate camera support systems such as Jimmy JibsFisher or Doorway Dollies and Steadicam systems along with experienced professional operators. We can also provide Teleprompter equipment with operator, Video Assist Playback for commercial shoots, Make-Up artists and Production Assistants to help expedite your production needs. 

We also maintain an inventory of specialty audio and video equipment such as GoPro camerasPix240, Pix270i and KiPro, ProRes recorders, Scriptboy Timecode logger, Wireless microphones by Lectrosonics, Shure and Sennheiser, Wireless intercom systems by Telex as well as Wireless IFB units from Lectrosonics, Comtek and Phonak Miniature hidden earpieces

Audio mixers - (ENG/Multi channel) are available by Shure Sound Devices, Behinger X32, Yamaha 01v/96 and Mackie 1402VLZ . Digital audio recorders - Sound Devices, 633, 664, Pix270i/970, Fostex FR-2TC, and TASCAM X-48   Musical Instrument microphones - Neumann,  Shure, AKG, Audio Technica,  Sennheiser, Countryman, Crown, Sony, Audix, and ElectroVoice. 

Kinetic also carries audio Telephone interfaces by Telos ("Link" for intercom, and "One" for call-in TV shows and teleconferences) and Gentner microtel for ENG IFB applications using any hardwired telephone.  

We would be happy to design a custom audio/video system to accommodate your production needs. 

Please call to discuss your specific requirements.

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